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The River Hub


The River Hub
Craig, MT

The United States enjoys an abundant supply of navigable waterways. From north to south and east to west, rivers driven by gravity make efficient bulk shipping from ocean ports to inland metropolitan areas possible. In the late 1800’s, railways extended shipping ports’ reach by linking rural America with trains.

CRAIG, MONTANA - Est., 1888

Railroad tracks fit the Missouri River’s smooth stream banks perfectly. Great Northern Railway recognized this natural advantage and chose the Township of Craig as a central staging zone between Great Falls and Helena. Steam engines came to a slow stop in front of Lot 1 Block 1 and took on water from the tower next to the tracks. History followed.

Homesteaders helped build the township into a small business district. Sterling Ranch Company loaded their livestock onto cattle cars headed towards larger markets. Craig Mercantile received hardware and groceries and distributed them locally. Next door, The Hub Saloon entertained guests in an authentic, old western style, dance hall. Dearborn Crossing no longer greeted stagecoaches and suspiciously burned to the ground.

One-hundred years later, Burlington Northern stopped using the outdated pathway. The tracks remain, but paved roads and airways took over their jobs. The Post Office replaced horses and trains with Ford Model T's. Since the early 1990’s, fly fishing replaced railway driven commerce. Each season, the hidden luster of The River Hub draws anglers in. When it’s over, Uncle Joe’s Bar chugs along making more history as usual. Population: Roughly 39.

Railroad tracks follow one side of the river. When you get off the plane, grab your luggage, pick up your rental car and experience the other side. When you’re about twenty minutes from The River Hub, exit Interstate Highway 15 onto Old US Hwy 91. Enjoy stunning scenery while you slowly meander along the world’s largest spring creek. See how time has traveled, but managed to keep the area’s beauty intact. When you land in Craig, you'll immediately know that you made it to the right place.

Step off the pathways and into the world's largest spring creek.

Steam Engines rolled on the river trail for a century. Now, Fly Fishermen walk the empty rails.

Since 1989

Memories fulfilled.

According to the New York Times.

Why we do it.

Pirate Code

I Bought My Fishing License Too.

The River Hub Since 1888 - Craig, Montana

Lot 1, Block 1, Township of Craig, 1888

Peter Schuttler Covered Wagons Sold at Craig Mercanitle

1990 - E. Neele Streeks / Pat Elam Shadow Boxes

In-House Production - No such thing as an iPhone.

The River Hub - 1994

Lot 1, Block 1, Township of Craig - 2022

Uncle Joe's Bar - Serving history for a Long Time.

100 Steps from The Trout Shop Lodge

Large, Wild, Brown Trout

Large, Wild, Rainbow Trout

Trout Don't Care if it's Snowing. Neither do whitefish.

Sometimes It's the "Mighty Mo"

2000 Words

Front Row Parking with Good Reasons

You Need a Cup of Tungsten Pink Amex

Pink AMEX Work in Argentina. Do you have enough?

So Pretty. J- Walkers permitted.

Your View From Lookout Lodge

Nobody Home. Wonder Where They Are?

Drift Boat Rentals - Ready When You Are

Stay Here Buddy. Let me sneak up on these guys.

Walleye Don't Stand a Chance Against TC's Rubber Leg Buggers.

Obviously, The "Silver Fox" Was Here

Watch Out for Canadian Mounties on the Untouchable's Bridge.

The Last Picture of the Historic Craig Bridge

They'll Let Anyone in This Place.

Adventure, Danger, Romance and a Few Fish Await You.

Say Hello To Some of our Local Residents

Lots and Lots of Missouri River Trout Flies

Top Quality Gear Meeting Your River Challenges.

All Roads Lead to Craig, Montana.

Front Row Parking

Remember 1888?

When It Snows, You Enjoy the Beauty

When the Snow Melts, You Have to Settle for This

Thank You!

After a Long Night at Joe's Bar.

More Local History Just Up the Road in Wolf Creek


Everywhere You Go

Come On Man. We're Trying to Eat Lunch.

Sterling Ranch, LLC - 6 Generations and Going Strong.

How Do You Like My View?

Magazine Material

Spoken Like a True Pirate

Hot Soup Awaits You at Joe's Bar After You Take the Plunge

The End of The Rainbow. Really? That's Awesome.

Lookout Lodge - 3 Acres Surrounded by 5 Miles of Conservation Protection.

Found at Craig Mercantile Inside The Trout Shop.

"Little Big Man" Donated the Land for The Craig Boat Ramp.

Cherish the Moment

Holter Dam - Where it All Begins.

Holter Lake - Home to the Giants Below Hauser Dam.

Too Big for the Lens

Mountain Palace

Future River Keeper

Fly Fishing Ambassador to Japan - Leon Chandler

Which One Should I Cast To?

They Can Go Fishing. I'm Good.

Ready for Repair.

See Ya When You Get Off the River.

24" On the Tape

Fringe Benefits

My Shuttle Better Be Here. Like My Vest?

Aren't we supposed to be looking at the bridge?

Spotted from a Private Plane

Darn Parking Brake

Saved for tomorrow.



Slow Traffic

Guide Appreciates it if You Cast Downstream

If you want to hang with the big dogs, you have to learn how to piss in the tall grass.


Shakey's Medicine

Returns to the scene every year.

Public Wifi replaced the big screen

Where's the Train?

He's OK. Don't do this at home.

The Missouri River - Sleeping Beauty

Oxygen Bob - Best Shuttle Driver Ever.

The Evening Rise

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

Got Bugs?

Missouri River Guides Business Card

Fall Scenery

Say Good Morning to our Little Friends.


Still Doing it Today.

The Scenery is Awesome

Top Secret Fishing Location

Spite Hill Pet

Land of the Giants Guide Boat

Well Done.

Walk to Craig - Sterling Ranch House

Sterling Ranch Lodge - Group Events

Lewis & Clark saw this without a bridge.

Row, row, row the boat.....Gently down the stream.

Canyon Catering - Some things never change. Thank Goodness.

Chester in the Driver's Seat.

Only Pat Elam had a direct line to Dave Druck.

A Brown Trout named Hal lives in Portugal.

Larry Taramelli - The Trout Shop's first Employee?

Long before Reba.


Clearly Shirley Cleary.

Surely thinking of New Zealand with Frank.

Dynamic Duo 22-years and counting.

Wolf Creek Bridge 1992, 1993.....2023.

Same deal. Same location. Maybe a little busier now.

Born on the River

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