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Conquer Montana's Missouri River with a Fly Rod.

Install Shuttle Snap

Install Shuttle Snap on Your Smart Phone

In technical terms, ShuttleSnap works as a client-side web app, with a responsive web design that can be used with any device capable of smart-technology.  Androids and iPhones are perfectly capable of using Shuttle Snap's platform.

In layman terms, you can easily book a shuttle on the Missouri River by clicking a few buttons on your smart phone on the mobile ready ShuttleSnap web site.

Set up your smart phone

• Go to www.shuttlesnap.com in your browser. Then:

​iPhone Instructions:

Click on the icon at the bottom center: 

 Press the “Add to Home Screen” Icon:

 ShuttleSnap as an app is now present on your iPhone

Android Instructions:

Click on the Home icon

Select the "Add to Home Screen" Option


ShuttleSnap as an app is now present on your Android

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