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Airflo Super-FLO ELITE - Double Taper
Airflo Super-FLO ELITE - Double Taper
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Airflo Super-FLO ELITE - Double Taper

Airflo Super-FLO ELITE - Double Taper

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The SuperFlo Elite is Airflo's do-it-all line for trout fishers everywhere. The moderate taper can switch from dry flies to nymphs and light streamers with ease, meaning that if you do a little bit of everything most days on the water, it's a great choice to cover the widest array of circumstances you might encounter. It's true to line weight, making it a great choice for medium to medium-fast rods. 

As with all previous Airflo lines, The new SuperFlo lines are made from extruded polyurethane, which withstands abuse better than comparable PVC lines, particularly when it comes to DEET, sunscreen, and UV light. SuperFlo technology allows Airflo to make the running lines thinner without sacrificing any of their durability. These lines also utilize Ridge technology, which minimizes friction and allows lines to stay slicker and shoot farther. Welded loops in both ends make rigging super quick and easy.

Color: Lichen Green/Sunrise Yellow


  • Includes welded front loop
  • DT Tip & Front Taper:  Light color end – Moderate front taper and tip for maximum versatility.  Dark color end – extended front taper for more delicate dry fly presentations
  • DT Belly:  double taper lines are essentially all belly.
  • DT Rear Taper:  There is no rear taper in a double taper design
  • Ultra Supple coating: A major breakthrough in fly line performance.  The low modules coating maintains its suppleness even in extreme cold conditions.
  • Low Stretch Power Core: With only 6% stretch, Airflo’s Power Core braid improves casting control, sensitivity and hook set.
  • Ridge Tech: Airflo’s unique ridged design reduces the lines surface area in contact with the rod guides. Friction levels are vastly improved when compared to other lines on the market.
  • 100% PVC Free: Polyurethane coating resists deet and fights off the long term effects of UV light

Line Color: Green / Sunny Yellow

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