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Dinsmore Green Egg 1-Shot

Dinsmore Green Egg 1-Shot

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With Dinsmores' Individual Shot Dispenser you can put environmentally friendly, egg-shaped tin shot on your tippet with the large end forward and see how much easier you cast. Aerodynamics let the shot fly better and hydrodynamics sink the weight faster. Shape helps the shot grip your tippet better, and they’re coated with a green cushion so you don’t have the abrasive, fraying effects that can cost you a trophy.  Tin alloy.
Size Weight Oz. Diameter (Inches) Quantity
AAA 1/32 .250 26
AB 1/48 .230 34
BB 1/64 .210 54
1 1/100 .175 70
4 1/128 .155 90
6 1/320 .110 160
8 1/500 .085 200
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