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Lots of big trout eating tiny dry flies…… you've heard the stories about the Missouri River.

What you may not have heard, is how easy it is to fish the river on your own. The Mighty Mo smoothly meanders through open fields and majestic canyon walls. Recreation Road and the Missouri wind along side-by-side for 20 of the 34 miles of blue ribbon water. Stop, park and fish most of it. Where else can you do that?

Recreation Road covers one side of the river. Rental boats take you to the other.

Renting a drift boat from The Trout Shop is easy. Our full-service includes:

  • Launching your 2019 Clackacraft Eddy or 16' Lo Profile rental boat.
  • Shuttling your vehicle to the take out*
  • Picking up your boat at the end of the day.

Get out of your rental boat, gather your gear and walk across the street to your room at the The Trout Shop's Lodge. Kick back and relax before you enjoy a delicious dinner. Your boat will be ready for you tomorrow.

* Boat rentals include a complimentary shuttle between Holter Dam and Mid Canyon. Add $20 for takeouts below Mid Canyon to Pelican Point. Add $30 for takeouts in Cascade.

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