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Dry-Fly Patterns for The New Millennium by Poul Jorgensen

Dry-Fly Patterns for The New Millennium by Poul Jorgensen

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Watching a fish take your fly on the surface is the ultimate experience in trout fly-fishing. 

Everyone has a story about their favorite dry flies. The Catskill Fly-Fishing Museum created Flies of the Year 2000, a very successful exhibit featuring flies from contributors around the world. First in a series, Dry-Fly Patterns for the New Millennium features the dry flies contributed by expert fly-tiers from all over the world. Over 360 flies are shared, along with their recipe and tying or fishing notes, creating the largest compilation of dry flies to date. The variety in these flies is amazing. This is a book fly-fishers and fly-tiers will enjoy for years to come.  Paperback  90 Pages

What's Great About This Book?

  • Poul Jorgensen is one of the most well-known and well-respected fly-tiers in the country
  • 375 color photographs
  • 366 individual color fly plates
  • Fly patterns submitted from expert fly-tiers around the world
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