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Flies, Ties, & Techniques by Charles Jardine

Flies, Ties, & Techniques by Charles Jardine

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This strikingly illustrated book is truly unique--the only fly-tying guide that shows fishing flies in action. First, a series of photos demonstrate how to tie each fly--andsecond, a close-up photo shows precisely how each fly appears and behaves as it rides on, or just below, the water's surface. Author and noted sport fisherman Charles Jardine shows how to make 50 elite flies that are well-known among outdoorsmen for their effectiveness in attracting trout and other game fish. Complete, detailed fly-tying instructions accompany the step-by-step illustrations, and an at-a-glance fact box designates each fly's degree of construction difficulty on a 1-to-10 scale. The fact box also specifies the type of fish the fly is best suited to attract, and the materials needed for its construction. The unique close-up photos of flies as each appears in the water come with the author's brief, informative comments on how each fly behaves when it is cast into the stream or lake. Dedicated sport fish.  Paperback  224 Pages

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