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Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple II by Skip Morris

Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple II by Skip Morris

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The original Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple has been an unqualified hit. Now in its 22nd printing, it has remained among the top-selling fly-tying books consistently for 18 years a miraculous achievement. Now this follow-up volume, Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple II, takes off where the original ends. It is truly, as its subtitle proclaims, a book of advanced fly-tying techniques. Those techniques are explained and demonstrated in simple steps with concise instructions, along with lots of color photographs and sections offering strategies and suggestions for improving your skills and overcoming problems. But you ll learn more than valuable tying techniques here; you ll also learn to tie some highly effective and fascinating flies, such as the lifelike Anatomical Green Drake, the ultra-popular Copper John, an assortment of deadly emerger-flies, the Bitch Creek with its intriguing woven body, and a current version of the surreal Chernobyl Ant that s taken so many big trout. If you haven t read the original book, don t worry Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple II stands on its own; everything you need is here. If you have even modest experience with tying flies, you can pick up straight away with this volume. This is the book that will get you tying like a pro, at a level you probably thought was beyond your potential. Welcome to the big-leagues.  Spiral Bound  148 Pages

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