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Fishpond Hoot Owl Sticker

Fishpond Hoot Owl Sticker

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In the great state of Montana, when water temps hit 73°F for three consecutive days, a “Hoot-Owl” restriction goes into affect. The “Hoot-Owl” closes down fishing between 2PM and midnight. This allows anglers to fish in the mornings, and gives trout a break during the warmest part of the day.
We would like to bring awareness to this issue and ask our angling friends to be conscious of water temps and participate in their own “Hoot-Owl”. Plan on fishing the morning, taking water temps as the day heats up, and calling it a day if the water hits 67°F.  If you don't have a thermometer, err on the side of trout and reel it up at 2PM. The trout thank you, your fellow anglers thank you, and Fishpond thanks you!


  • 6" x 3.75"
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