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How Fish Work by Thomas J. Sholseth

How Fish Work by Thomas J. Sholseth

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Anglers are scientists. In their own way, they observe and experiment with systematic methods of capturing their species of interest. Their are lots of scientific principles used in angling--and, here. Tom Sholseth shares them in an entertaining and easy-to-follow way which is sure to increase the success of all fishermen.

Dr. Sholseth discusses: what is "scientific angling"?; angler characteristics; the aquatic environment in which they fish; equipment; effects of different kids of light on fish; their senses and behaviors; the predator/prey relationship; strike responses; handling fish; creating a field guide; how the placement of your lure of fly looks to the fish; how to design more effective fly patterns; everything you need to understand and appreciate the species for which you fish.

This is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind book for anglers, biologists, and anyone else with an interest in the biology of fish. Thanks to Tom Sholseth's scientific approach to understanding fish and their habits and behaviors, you will bring more fish to your line.  Paperback  86 Pages

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