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Morrish Mouse Fly
Morrish Mouse Fly
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Morrish Mouse Fly

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"This fly is easy to cast, hard to sink, and super effective.

Fish this with a high rod tip and steady subtle pulse/chug. This is also a great night fishing pattern in both still waters and rivers."

- Signature Tyer Ken Morrish 

"Back around 2002 I was getting ready to take my first trip to Kamchatka, Russia. I was excited and knew that I wanted to fish top-water mice as much as possible. I also knew I that I did not want to fish any rods heavier than a six weight. Umpqua signature tier and friend David Lambroughton had given me some really thick foam the year before that he used on his spider fly. Also, I had been influenced by Tony Wratney, a famous North Umpqua steelhead guide who invented foam backed skating flies. I have no love of any existing mouse patterns so I set out to make my own. My primary goal was not to make a fly that looked like a mouse but rather a fly that had as little mass (or materials that could become waterlogged) as possible that even unskilled anglers could deliver with a five or six-weight rod. My original patterns had even less deer hair on their bodies and I shaved most of the fur of the rabbit tail to keep it light and realistic. With only three steps/materials, it is the simplest fly I have ever designed but it does everything I wanted it to do and has led to lots of fun on the water for countless anglers. "

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