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Norvise Lamp & Magnifier

Norvise Lamp & Magnifier

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For the past several years Norvise – Fly Tying Vise, has offered an excellent Lamp/Magnifier which is now available as a LED (light emitting diode) system. The really big deal is this new version will now operate without converters on either 110v (North America) or 220v (Europe, etc.) systems. In addition, it works on 12v to 24v DC (batteries). Because LEDs use so little energy, this lamp will run for days on a normal 12v vehicle or RV battery or many hours on simple flashlight batteries. The new Lamp/Magnifier looks the same and mounts the same on the Norvise Thread Post. Although it is a bit brighter, it still produces excellent, cool white, no shadow, natural outdoor light with essentially no heat.

Incorporated with the Norvise Lamp is a 3X glass magnifier. This is perfect for those of us who on occasion may need a little extra help seeing the details. It is excellent for very precise placement of materials, intricate of tiny patterns. Close the cover of the magnifier when not in use. Magnifiers have been known to start fires when exposed to sunlight. This will also keep the lens clean and free of dust.

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