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Conquer Montana's Missouri River with a Fly Rod.

Rod Rage by Rhea Topping

Rod Rage by Rhea Topping

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"I submit first of all that there is no such thing as sport without ethics." So writes Roderick Haig-Brown in the opening essay of this superb collection, plumbing with depth and humor the finer points of fishing etiquette. 

Here's Vlad Evanoff on which surf caster gets the best spot on the shore; Al Kyte on his seven points of fishing etiquette; Cathy and Barry Beck on how much river room to give another angler; Ray Bergman on how to treat beginners and spin casters; Billy Pate on courtesy on the flats, and more from:

  • Joan Wulff
  • Bob Clouser
  • Gary Borger 
  • Mel Krieger 
  • Steve Rajeff 
  • Mallory Burton 
  • Mike Lawson 
  • Seth Norman 
  • Stu Apte 
  • Nick Lyons 
  • Loriann Murphy 
  • George Kelly 
  • Flip Pallot 
  • Tom McGuane 
  • Gary LaFontaine 
  • Ernie Schwiebert 
  • Dave Whitlock 
  • Jodi Pate 
  • Lee Wulff 
  • Tom Jindra 
  • Jim Teeny 
  • Jack Gartside 
  • Dick Talleur 
  • William Tapply 
  • Jerry Kustich 
    and many others 
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