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Solving Fly Casting Problems by Lefty Kreh

Solving Fly Casting Problems by Lefty Kreh

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Casting a fly line is truly an art, and in Solving Fly-Casting Problems, Lefty Kreh shows how to get more distance, avoid tangles, and cast under conditions that would make fishing impossible for other anglers. Lefty begins with the fundamentals common to all good casts, and goes on to diagnose and eliminate a variety of casting problems, including how to: tame tailing loops, cast in windy conditions, change the direction of a cast quickly and accurately, get wet flies deeper and faster with a tuck cast, avoid trees and bushes behind the angler by throwing an extra-high backcast, skip the fly across water to reach under low-lying branches, and much more.

Solving Fly-Casting Problems is written with the insight of a half century of teaching experience, and will be a great help to fly fishers at all skill levels. Paperback  96 Pages


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