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Missouri River Fishing Report

Mayfly season is in full swing with lots of bugs hatching daily and Caddis aren't too far behind. Timing has been somewhat inconsistent with sporadic weather, fluctuating water temperature and changes in flows. Afternoons and evening are usually best if the wind cooperates, but sometimes, fish have been rising earlier in the day on midges, BWO spinner falls and some early duns. March Browns and Mother's Day Caddis are also showing up on the river, so it's a matter of time before the fish notice they are their. 

If you're looking to play it safe, sow bugs and scuds are always good choices. Running short with BWO nymphs or even dry dropper with March Brown or Attractor Dry and BWO nymph has been popular in skinny water zones. You can fish however you like if you pick the right water. The wildcard is now going to be any water changes. Snow up high and rain storms throughout the area lay the foundation for runoff and higher water. The flows on the tributaries have been up and down, but will likely go up with snow melt. We will see some increased flows and a little bit of color added to our low and clear water. That will likely make fishing even better and possibly kick off some great streamer fishing days. For now, it will be best to call for an updated report as conditions are in flux as we look ahead to 60- and 70-degree temps again after our latest cold front (6th Winter). 

The Trout Shop in Craig is now open 7-7 and we are busy in the mornings handing out coffee, breakfast sandwiches, lunches, flies and filling out shuttle forms. If you need a lunch first thing in the morning, you can call it in the day before. For fresh breakfast sandwiches and burritos, stop in and shop while your food is prepared or call in an order with a pick-up time if you are in a hurry.   

See you in Craig at the Trout Shop!

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