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Montana Hunting & Fishing Licenses


Simple and convenient in the field or on the water.

Montana hunting and fishing licenses are accessible through a secure and convenient mobile app. Montana’s MyFWP app provides a simple and easy way to store and display licenses, permits, and digital carcass tags, known as E-Tags, which can be used in the field without cellular service. 

Easy Access Instructions

1.  Download the Montana MyFWP app from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play.

Device & System Requirements:

  • iPhone device with iOS version 14 or higher
  • Android device with OS version 11 or higher
  • Make sure to continue to update your app with the latest version as updates become available.

2. Open the app and log into your MyFWP account or, if you don’t have one, create a new MyFWP account. You can also link your ALS account to an existing MyFWP account.

3. View your fishing and hunting licenses and permits in or out of cell service.

4. Choose between paper carcass tags or E-Tags upon purchase either online or at an FWP office. You can’t choose both, and if you choose an E-Tag, download it to your device so it’s accessible in the field, in or out of cell service.

Things to Know

You have a choice.

You can choose whether to carry the traditional paper tags or E-Tags for each transaction, but you can’t choose both. An E-Tag is a digital carcass tag that can be stored and validated using the Montana MyFWP app. Remember, your decision between an E-Tag or paper tag is final for the remainder of the license year for that tag.

Digital Access

Even if you opt for paper carcass tags, you can still use the Montana MyFWP app to carry and view your licenses and permits for the current year and one year prior.

Stay Logged In

Make sure you’re logged into the MyFWP app before going afield to ensure access out of cell service.

You cannot reverse validation of an E-Tag

"Validating" an E-Tag is the same as notching your paper tag. Do not validate an E-Tag until after you've harvested an animal. There are three prompts before the validation process is finalized. Once it’s validated, it’s final.

Parents or guardians can link youth accounts to their MyFWP digital wallet and validate E-Tags

For the purposes of efficiency, if your minor plans on hunting with multiple people through the season, consider opting for paper licenses instead of frequently linking E-Tags to different digital wallets.

FWP does not store any GPS coordinates or other personal information

By Montana law, no GPS location data will be shared with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

You can only download E-Tags to one device at a time

If you get a new phone or need to transfer that E-Tag to another device, you’ll need to remove it and re-download it on the new device. If you download your E-Tag to a new device without removing it from the original device, the E-Tag will automatically be removed from the old device upon entering cellular service.

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