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The Trout Shop - Craig, Montana

Missouri River Fly Fishing Headquarters

The The Trout Shop - About

The Trout Shop strategically resides on the hub of the river in the two-block town of Craig, Montana. Getting here and getting on the world’s best trout stream is easy. Take Craig Exit 234 off of Interstate Highway 15, look for an uncanny number of drift boats and turn right.

Before you walk through The Trout Shop's entrance, you'll know that you're in the right place. The culture you're looking for eagerly prepares for the day in the busy parking lot, all with the same thing on their minds - nothing, but wondering if they can figure out how to fool the large, wild trout that the Missouri River is famous for. They wonder how they can trick, much less land, one of those fish with a tiny dry fly on a long leader and light tippet. Perhaps, that's why they keep coming back year after year.

When the Missouri River Guides close their tailgates and slowly leave the parking lot, you know the fishing adventure you dreamed of has begun.

The Trout Shop - Craig, Montana

The Morning Blur

Top Quality Gear Fills The Store

Spooled and Ready to Go When You Are

Found at Craig Mercantile Inside The Trout Shop.

Montana Micro Brews

The Trout Shop Lodge

The River Hub - Craig, Montana

Normal Daily Routine

Two Blocks to the River

Large, Wild, Brown Trout

Ready When You Are

At least One Trout Lives Here

Is That You?

The Other Side

You're Welcome Whether You Fish or Not

Large, Wild, Rainbow Trout

Well, Hello

Must be a Pirate

1000 Words


Once inside The Trout Shop, all the premium fly fishing products found on our web site become irresistible to the touch. We stock what we sell. Order on-line and pick up your order at our shop before you head to the river.

Checking into The Trout Shop Lodge or a Full-Service Vacation Home? You're in the right spot. If you haven't met your Missouri River Guide in the parking lot already, you'll probably find him in The Trout Shop choosing a few select flies for the day, picking up your Custom Streamside Lunch, munching on a spicy Breakfast Burrito while sipping some Starbucks® Coffee and arranging the day's shuttle. As long as you have your Montana Fishing License, you are ready to go in minutes.

Checking in for your Drift Boat Rental? We doubt it - it's already on the water waiting for you at your launch site.

Need a Shuttle? Get to the river faster. Book Your Vehicle Shuttle on-line.


Book your services well in advance of your trip and purchase your fishing license on-line. Add time to your days on the river at no cost. Get the most out of your fly fishing adventure.

We look forward to sharing your fishing memories on The Trout Shop's front porch - right where your day began.


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