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Not an Ordinary Destination Fly Shop.

The Trout Shop

Not an Ordinary Destination Fly Shop

The Trout Shop strategically resides on the hub of the river in Craig, Montana. Getting here and getting on the world’s best trout stream is easy. Take Craig Exit 234 off of Interstate Highwyay 15, look for an uncanny number of drift boats and turn right.  

Once inside, you'll find all the products, services and information you need to conquer the Missouri with a fly rod:

Start your day in our deli with a hearty grab-n-go breakfast, order a robust streamside lunch and a latte, stock up on flies, arrange a shuttle, pick up your lunch, a six pack of tasty micro brews and hit the river.  

Or, relax and enjoy the moment while your Missouri River Guide prepares for your day's mission: Catching Large, Wild Trout. 



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