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CF Burkheimer Fly Rod Company

“Burkie” Feel

CF Burkheimer Fly Rods at The Trout Shop


Kerry Burkheimer is driven by two things; building premium grade fly rods and making them the best fishing, best casting tools possible.

For 35 years his artisan fly rod shop has been designing and crafting the world's finest fly rods.

Most of today's fly rods are, in his mind, "soulless", great for the parking lot shoot-out, but lacking several desired qualities when stream side. Kerry believes today's angler needs a fly rod that gets the job done with feel and vibe, not fatigue. Your first impression upon hearing his philosophy could be that his rods are designed to be slow and soft. Get one in your hand and you will not only feel the deeper action, but you will also experience the incredible line speed they generate.

Just what Kerry has always desired in a fly rod.

Beyond all the latest technologies, state of the art materials and components, meticulous finish work and all the other stuff any rod company could list in their marketing brochures, each Burkheimer Fly Rod possesses a high level of quality that the mass-market manufacturer's simply can't re-create on a factory level; That Burkie feel; The deeply intuitive, innate mojo that sets Burkheimer’s actions apart from all others.

The True Feel of Hand-Rolled Soul

CF Burkheimer’s team can't put a finger on exactly what it is either - exactly why they spend so many months tweaking and test casting tapers until they just have that certain, "nod-your-head-and-smile", quality. That, "hell yeah", load a rod gives you on the back cast when it's just time to go forward, and the way the line bucks on an 80-foot shot that says you could have easily gone another 20. That's the fishy Burkheimer mojo you have to cast to understand.

Above all, it's the bar to which Kerry holds each and every rod that comes out of Burkheimer’s workshop - nothing looks, feels, or cast like a "Burkie".

CF Burkheimer Fly Rods at The Trout

Kerry Burkheimer

1. Design Taper - Graphite Cut to Spec

2. Laid Up and Ready to Roll

3. Rolling the Cloth Onto the Mandrel

4. Lock the Graphite in Place

5. Hanging Rack - Ready for the Oven

6. Cured Blank - The Foundation is Made

7. Fitting Each Ferrule Perfectly

8. Unique Hardwood Handles

9. Custom Made Hardware

10. Hand Drilled and Tapered Cork Grips

11. Cork Grips Built by Gluing One Ring at a Time

12. Hand Ground Corks

13. Off to the Thread Coating Room

14. Signature Edition Rods - All of Them

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